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Fun & Educational Kits to Beat Screens.
20 games in 7 ounces

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20 Games In Your Pocket

Yeah :-) 20 games in a cute bag.
Only 7 ounces for hours of entertaiment guaranteed.
Kietoparao was born to address a parent's need: have coffee, eat at a restaurant, sit in a waiting room and have calm kids who aren't glued to a smartphone.
The best of all... it really works!!

What is Kietoparao?

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Games ready to take anywhere
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Kids can play by themselves
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and have fun together

And More

7 oz (200 gr)
Plastic Free
Endless Entertaiment
(new games every month)
Assembled by people with different abilities 

Sneak Peak into a Kietoparao Kit

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    20 games 7 oz

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    Wooden sticks

    To play Nim, brain games and shapes

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    Memory Deck

    Deck to play Memory, Pairs, Cop and Robber and Who am I?

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    Parcheese & The Goose

    Double board in recycled fabrics

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    Parcheese & The Goose

    With wooden star pieces and a wooden die

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    Domino Deck

    To play Domino, Find the Differences, the Palm & Blind Hughie

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    Notebook, paintings & Origami

    Pencils & Paper Games: Sprouts, Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman +3 + Origami Guide


“"The wonderful team at @kietoparao have made something that we have been requesting for a very long time, easy games to play anywhere and not be tempted to lend smartphones to the kiddos. More than 12 games in 7ounces”


“A lot of games in a small purse, for all ages; what I like most is that it is designed so that children do not get glued to a screen""


Pompas de Elefante

Play Anywhere with Kietoparao



María Fernandez


Naiara Portuondo


Ruth Guerrero


Joana Videgain

Together, we have:

+6 Tech startups founded

+40 of accumulative entrepreneurship experience with expertise in E-commerce, Fashion Tech, Digital Marketing, Online &Offline Retail and programming

+Experience of European, USA, Latin American markets

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